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It was July of 2003. United States Army General Joe Gordy sat in a taxpayer funded room, staring at a goat that was also raised and kept using tax dollars.

His mission? Stop the goat’s heart...really! A highly decorated, real American Hero was tasked by the US Government to kill a goat using the ultimate weapon: his mind.

Sound crazy? It’s about to get even weirder!

Wondering what this has to do with you as an actor? You will see how the dots connect in just a moment.

First, you have to understand a few things. General Gordy’s mission actually had its beginnings about 30 years prior when the US Army began experimenting with things like remote viewing (the ability to see into a room that you are not physically in), walking through walls (just as it sounds walking through a freaking wall), the use of music and subliminal messaging (mostly how they could be applied in interrogations and for crowd control).

Stick with me here because this is important.

The US Army has in fact gone on record about being able to do some of these things and more. For example, the official and now unclassified documents show that Panamanian Dictator Gen. Manuel Noriega was actually captured with the involvement of a remote viewer. The individual was able to “see” inside Noriega’s compound and provide strike forces with his exact location and his every move.

This ultimately led to the successful capture of the Latin American Dictator.

There is so much craziness that I could spend days talking with you about, because it’s really that interesting. But I need to get to what this all means to you as an actor and start connecting the dots.

So, fast forward to 2003 and General Gordy. While he was staring at the goat, attempting to stop its heart, the Army was also still experimenting with the use of music and subliminal messaging.

While the specifics of how they were doing this are ultimately irrelevant, what’s important is to note that once again they [the US Army and the US Government] went on record with spectacular discoveries and accomplishments in the field of mental programming using music and subliminal messaging.

Here’s where the dots begin to connect for you.

See, the army definitively came up with a recipe to implant suggestions into a human brain that the individual would subconsciously adapt and live by. This allowed the army to mentally coerce someone into complying with their demands during an interrogation for example, or even causing large crowds to simply dissipate and stop an uprising.

That recipe for implanting suggestions into the human brain that the Army discovered, is what I am going to be training you on.

Now before I get to the nitty gritty step by step details, I have to first make a couple of things clear. Once you learn this, you will never again look at person to person communication the same again.

You will also have abilities far beyond that of the average human being. So use your newfound powers only for good my dear grasshopper.

Now, let me also be clear. I am not going to train you on how to walk into an audition and somehow hypnotize the casting director into mindlessly hiring you. That is next to impossible and waaaay out of the scope of what we’re talking about here.

What I will train you to do is structure your communications with them, and anyone you encounter really, in such a way that primes their mind to be receptive to new ideas (such as giving you a shot and hiring you or even just giving you a call back).

Plus, I am also going to train you on how to use these same strategies to prime your own mind, in order to be able to genuinely access your own emotions with zero inhibitions or hesitation. The ultimate mark of an inexperienced actor is being too much in her own head.

This will eliminate that for good!

Because when you master this skill, the emotional triggers you pull at will be 100% genuine. Meaning that you will no longer be acting. Rather, you will be experiencing and expressing, while taking the audience along for the ride.

You have probably heard of a watered-down version of this technique, called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. Some of the biggest stars in the world credit NLP with kicking them into high gear.

What you are learning today is the granddaddy of NLP. The original source if you will.

Because of the complexity of all of this, I am going to be putting all of the material into a master series beginning today with the concepts contained in this release.

First and foremost, the easiest place for you to begin your journey, is through mastering the 3XRule.

Remember this is a no fluff, no filler zone.

The 3XRule simply speaks to your higher mind by priming it with “truths.”

The US Army’s research discovered that it only takes 2 truths for your brain to automatically assume that the 3rd phrase it hears is also a “truth.”

For example, if you were to walk into an audition and replace your current banter with the following, imagine what the results would be.

“Hello, you are the legendary Joe Casting!” Truth 1. The Casting Director’s name “You also worked on Midnight Hour” Truth 2 A project they recently worked on

“I’m a great fit for this role, because I can see how your previous choices were for actors with my kind of experience.” Truth 3 This is the assumptive truth. Because you have presented them with 2 truths that are irrefutably true (no matter how simple they are), you have primed them to agree that you are a great fit for the role, before ever reading a line.

When you do this correctly, their brain will then look to discredit this truth, rather than prove it to be true. So the role is now yours to lose.

Follow me?

It sounds super simple because it is. But, think of it this way. We are more or less 1,000 years removed from the jungle. Our brains have been evolving for many, many millennia and are wired to observe things that we take for granted but that were crucial to the survival of our ancestors.

For example:

“Fire bright” Truth 1.

“Fire hot” Truth 2

“I touch fire, I get burned” Truth 3, the assumptive truth that kept caveman from leaping into the flames.

After all, he had no prior experience with fire and because his brain connected the first 2 truths, it made the leap to assume that the 3rd observation was also a truth.

So, in essence, what we’re doing is exploiting the vulnerabilities in our ever-evolving brain. Here’s how you apply this principle to the role itself.

Now, I want you to picture that you have successfully landed the role and you’re on set. Using the same 3XRule, here is how you would trick you brain into being super confident and get rid of any mental blocks, before they even present themselves.

“I’m working on Midnight Hour.” Truth 1. This is the project you are working on.

“The character I am playing is Christopher.” Truth 2. This is the character you are playing.

“Christopher is just an extension of me because we have similar life experiences.” Truth 3. This is the assumptive truth. Even if the character you are playing is nothing like you, you have just primed and instructed your brain to look for the similarities.

Understand that this pulls you out of acting on a conscious level. This is important because we react, on the subconscious plane, up to an astonishing 100 times faster than we react on the conscious level.

Meaning that by pulling yourself out of the conscious plane, your brain will begin to trigger micro expressions much faster than you could even consciously think to do so.

This is what separates a “good actor” from a legendary actor.

In his New York Times Bestselling Book “blink” Malcolm Gladwell details micro expressions as being “difficult or impossible to hide...[they] cannot be controlled because they happen in a fraction of a second.”

Conincidentally, it is these micro expressions that the brain looks for and uses to discern whether an interaction with another person is genuine or manufactured.

So, by activating your brain to trigger these micro expressions, which are what communicates to the audience whether an interaction is real or not, you are putting yourself head and shoulders above the other actors who may have spent years training themselves to “look sad.”

By simply using the 3XRule on yourself to activate micro expressions while delivering your lines, you will be communicating to the audience’s subconscious mind, causing them to blur the lines between film and fact since they are hard wired to look for these micro expressions.

Your every performance will be nothing short of genius!

Because I always want to give you just the right amount of actionable information to keep you busy and keep you from becoming overwhelmed, I want to give over just one more strategy for today.

It’s called Magnetic Attention. This is probably the most important piece of what you will learn in this release today and really, throughout the entire series. If you cannot get someone’s attention, then nothing else will matter.

Note that what I am referring to is magnetic attention. This shouldn’t be confused with arbitrary attention-getting like simply telling jokes and getting “cheap laughs.”

What I am referring to is just as it says. Magnetically drawing people closer to you as if there were a literal magnet beaming out from your chest.

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and command attention, just with their presence?

They have everyone wondering who they are, what they’re all about all without even recognizing anyone else’s presence.

That is magnetic attention. It’s a skill that has to be developed and honed and it will take a bit of practice, but once you achieve magnetic attention, you will be able to turn it on like a switch.

Imagine being that person that walks into a room and draws everyone’s attention...What if you could do this in an audition? Walk in and have the casting director magnetically drawn to you, wondering who you are and what you’re all about.

In essence, what you are doing is creating instant rapport. This is also as simple as 1, 2, 3.

First, you have to be present. This means you have to live in the moment, be fully in the room and partaking in what is going on. You should know the lines well enough to not be distracted by thinking about them. There is little else to do when going into an audition so keep your head in the game.

Be fully present! A great example of this in action is former president Bill Clinton. He is constantly referred to as the most charismatic man alive. YouTube a few clips and watch the way in which he greets someone and shakes hands. It’s as if the entire outside world has simply disappeared.

Ask questions. Remember to always abide by the 3XRule that you just learned, but once you have moved beyond that stage, ask plenty of questions. Everyone’s favorite subject is?...Themselves of course.

So instead of seizing every opportunity to talk yourself up and show off your credentials, you should be looking for and creating opportunities to ask questions about the other person (in this case the casting director).

This works extremely well for people in a position of power and influence. Because they are accustomed to everyone around them trying to impress and “look good”, you will immediately stand out and above everyone else simply by asking good questions.

Exude confidence. Every life coach on the planet will tell you to be confident. I’m telling you to exude confidence. Big difference! When you exude confidence, you become like Teflon. Nothing sticks to you because nothing matters. You are secure in who you are and you operate as though you are on a mission.

The easiest and fastest way to get unending confidence is by giving yourself a leg up on the competition. The edge that this gives our tribe members is so powerful that they always go into an audition knowing they have an advantage over everyone else.

So what are you waiting for?
Go check it out now

Having the confidence that it brings you is key to making sure that everything else contained in this release works the way it is supposed to.

When you consider that we are talking about you having the ability to make your audience experience exactly what you want them to through your lines and actions (making them forget that it’s simply a movie or TV show)...

And having the ability to frame every conversation you will ever have with a casting director from now on in such a way that it sets you up as the only logical choice for the part...

Shouldn’t you also go here and ensure that you have every advantage when it comes to having the confidence necessary to make everything else possible?

Remember I always want to give you just enough to act on right away so that you can master everything quickly without ever feeling overwhelmed. So you have the 3 things to work on. Go out and make happen! I’ll be back soon with another installment and another release before you know it.

Talk soon, Scott

P.S. If you try and use the 3XRule without the necessary confidence to make the conversation seem natural, it is simply not going to work. So seriously, give yourself an advantage and confidence boost from the start and check this out now.