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We organically boost your IMDB ranking. 

And while we’re at it, we’ll even increase your social media following too.


So How Does It Work?

IMDb STARmeter

We drive real and organic fans to your IMDb profile. Every single day. This drastically increases your IMDb ranking and shows the industry that you have a large fanbase. Which means more acting work for you!


More Followers

As well as increasing your IMDb ranking, we drastically boost your social media followers. Our special algorithm increases your followers AND the number of likes on your posts. This means an increased appearance of popularity. Which attracts even more organic followers. Win. Win.

Cancel Anytime

Our service is 100% confidential. Completely safe. And you can cancel anytime! There’s no minimum time commitment. No hidden fees. Only big results that you can trust.

Check Out Our Success Stories

At first I was skeptical if your service would really do what it say, but I took a chance and am so PLEASED! Keep on boosting!
- Sara
Wow guys! Thank you so much for the boost! It just helped me solidify a huge deal that was in the works! I owe you one :)
- Chris
I just wanted to say THIS SERVICE ROCKS! It has given me yet another tool to market myself confidently to the industry.
- Jamie

Big Results. Extremely Low Cost.

Limited time offer! FREE social media bonus on the Advanced and Pro tiers!

We offer 3 packages to suit every budget. And you can cancel anytime.

Basic Boost

IMDb STARmeter:
~20% boost to average natural ranking
*Individual results may vary.


Advanced Boost

IMDb STARmeter:
~35% boost to average natural ranking
*Individual results may vary.

50 new followers each week
20 likes on new posts
40 views on new videos

50 new followers each week
10 retweets on new tweets
10 favorites on new tweets


Pro Boost

IMDb STARmeter:
~50% boost to average natural ranking
*Individual results may vary.

150 new followers each week
50 likes on new posts
100 views on new videos

150 new followers each week
25 retweets on new tweets
25 favorites on new tweets

100 new page likes each week
25 likes on new posts


Got Questions? We Have Answers.


So how does it work exactly?

We offer you a 3 in 1 service. Not only do we increase your ranking on IMDb, we also boost your following on Instagram and Twitter. We drive real and organic traffic to your IMDb page. And create totally ‘real looking’ followers on your social media pages. Your followers will increase, as well as the likes on all your posts.


How soon will I see results?

Almost immediately! After signing up, we’ll get to work straight away. You’ll see results within the first 15 minutes! Yes, minutes! And as soon as you post something new, you’ll instantly start seeing more likes on that too. IMDb updates every Monday, so you’ll see drastic results by the first Monday.


Is this safe to use and will anyone find out I’m using it?

Our service is 100% safe and confidential. We will never share your information with 3rd parties and the steady increase in followers will be discreet and believable.


Will my new followers be real?

While the followers we send to your social media accounts aren’t real, they are completely indistinguishable and completely ‘real looking’. Plus, we send more likes to each post so that it matches your number of new followers. The IMDb service works differently and does send real organic traffic to your page. It’s extremely effective.


What if I only want to use the IMDb service and not the social media service?

That’s absolutely ‘A’ ok! The social media service is a bonus for our clients but we’re perfectly happy to only run the IMDb ranking service and leave your social media accounts out of it. We’ll work with you to customize the results you want.


How do I cancel and is there a minimum time commitment?

You can cancel at any time. We have no minimum time commitment. If you decide you no longer want to continue with the service, just login to your account and hit ‘cancel’. Your new social media followers and post ‘likes’ will always be yours to keep. And your IMDb ranking will slowly decrease because we will no longer be driving traffic to that page.

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