Getting Past The Guardians at the Gate And What An Audition Is Really About

And What An Audition Is Really AboutI wish we could just watch Netflix and chill, but that’s not the life of an actor.

We meticulously compare ourselves to every actor we see on screen. “Are they better than us? Are they worse?” that is what typically runs through our minds when we try to Netflix and chill.

See, there is a lot to learn from watching those that have made it to the silver screen.

For example, I have been binging Designated Survivor on Netflix. Not only is this not something I normally do (I put it on my watchlist for later), it attacks at the heart of why I normally don’t do not do it!

And, that’s exactly why every actor should be tuning in...

Uncomfortable Truth About How To Make It As an Actor

Being an actor requires you to be put in some very uncomfortable situations. 

Sometimes this might mean, pushing the boundaries on your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be put in situations you may not otherwise find yourself in. 

Think Tom Cruise hanging off the side of a cliff (it was not CGI!), other times it’s much simpler but still highly uncomfortable. 

As an actor you are judged constantly and you are judged on everything. 

Whether it’s at auditions, acting class, or at Thanksgiving, you are always under a microscope, so it’s no surprise that actors tend to look for a comfortable support system anywhere they can. 

Unfortunately this often leaves us vulnerable because we sometimes do need to hear those harsh truths. It is important that we don’t just pat each other on the back but instead deliver the nitty gritty things that would be as uncomfortable to deliver as it would be to hear them. 

Because I get to speak with so many actors, I have a unique perspective on what is working right now. 

I also have a unique perspective on what is not working and I have come to realize that 99.99 of all actors are simply spinning their wheels and don’t have much hope of ever making significant career progress. 

It’s easy to figure out which group you belong to. Here’s how… 

What You Must Focus On To Become a Professional Actor

How many fellow actors have you seen come into the industry with high hopes, a gung ho attitude, and all the talent in the world, only to leave the industry within a few years? 

Most of them never even come close to reaching their goals. 

After getting to know so many actors over all these years, I have come to realize that there is always a pattern of behavior and a chain of events that leads them to leave the industry. 

Even if quitting the industry is nowhere near being on your mind, stick with me, because there 1 simple thing you can do to skyrocket your career. 

If you are in a place where you are considering whether or not you made the right choice in becoming an actor, then pay close attention. 

Being an actor is unlike anything else on the planet. 

Once you are an actor, you are an actor forever! 

There are two types of actors. 

Type 1 does this as a hobby. Type 2 does this as a profession (or at least they aspire to). 

Which one are you and are you behaving in accordance with the type of actor you are? 

The Ultimate Career Shortcut for Actors

When you are trying to get somewhere, do you look for the easiest and fastest way to get there or do you try to find the most confusing, turned around and slowest way to get there? 

You would be crazy to do it the latter way. 

Have you ever been in a hurry and tried to take a shortcut, only to end up getting lost and having it turn into a route that took longer than if you would have just done it the “normal” way? 

We all have! 

Honestly, our days are numbered and that makes it human nature to look ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently. 

Sometimes, this works great and we get big innovations and make giant leaps forward. Other times, things don’t go as planned. 

So, if you are wanting to become a full time, working actor and you want to do it the easiest, fastest way possible there are some things you will need to look out for. 

The two kinds of shortcuts when it comes to the industry. One of them will get you noticed and in touch the people that matter. The other way is a complete waste of time and money at best and could have devastating consequence at worst.

How To Get To The Next Level In Your Acting Career

Everyone in the industry wants to know how to “get to the next level.” 

Whether they are just starting out and are still jet lagged from when they landed at LAX, or if they’ve been in the industry for over a decade and have made significant progress, everyone wants to reach higher. 

In order to reach the next level in your career, you have to first measure where you are, so you can determine what the next level in your career actually is. 

Is it going to entail going from one liners and bit parts to supporting roles, or are you trying to go from supporting roles to leading roles? 

Whatever career stage you currently find yourself in, the way to get to the next level is practically the same… 

How To Fix Your Career Killing Mistakes

Even with the best of intentions, nearly every actor I have ever met, makes at least one of these career killing mistakes.

In fact, most of them are making all 3 so it’s now wonder that most leave the industry without ever making real progress or getting anywhere to achieving the goals they set out to achieve when they first decided to become an actor.

Seeing an actor leave the industry is heartbreaking enough. When you consider that it’s pretty simple to fix the mistakes they were making, it’s devastating.

Here’s how you can keep from making the same career killing mistakes so you can reach your goals and build a career that exceeds your wildest dreams.

How To Make Industry Decision Makers Take You Seriously as an Actor

Grasshopper, the following is not an exaggeration: your career and frankly your life will literally change the moment you make 1 simple change in the way you approach the industry. 

The industry we are a part of operates on attention. 

The key to winning in the industry and building an actual career relies on your ability to get attention. 

Let’s be honest for a moment. Think of a time when you watched another actors performance in a film or a show and thought to yourself “why did they win the role? I would have been so much better!” 

It probably happens quite often. 

I meet a lot of actors and what is absolutely devastating is that the most talented ones are the ones who cannot book work consistently enough to make this a career. 

The ones that succeed are those that are skilled at getting attention. 

Imagine what would happen, if you combined your talent and became skilled at getting attention. 

The industry would be forced to take you seriously because it is literally what breathes life into the industry. 

It’s easier than you might think and I’ve laid out the simple formula for you to follow in this report. 

A question I get often and something you might be wondering is…

How 1 Simple Tweak Can Skyrocket Your Career Like Dwayne Johnson

Unless you possess 1 unique quality, you should probably quit trying to be an actor. 

Here’s why… 

Try this: pick any city block in the greater LA area. Take a beach ball with you, stand on the side walk, close your eyes and toss that beach ball in the air, without regard to who is around. 

Now, retrieve your beach ball and ask whoever the ball hit, or landed close to, if they are an actor. 

You will get a “yes” 99 times out of 100. 

This is why, unless you have that 1 quality I mentioned a second ago, you should completely stop trying to be an actor, right now… 

However, this does not mean that you should give up acting! 

In fact, it is easier than ever to make it in the industry and have a career that exceeds even your wildest expectations if you make just a few simple tweaks to the way you approach the industry. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did it and he went from being a joke in the industry, as a washed up wrestler trying to become an actor, to the highest paid and most in demand person in the industry. 

Here’s what he did and how you can easily do it too.