2 Changes You Must Make to Be a Professional Actor

“You call yourself an actor?”

My heart sunk. I had been working on the scene for weeks and I was so excited to finally get feedback from my acting teacher, and that is not what I was expecting to hear from him.

In retrospect, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I’ll always remember the look on his face when he asked me that. He was completely serious, and I immediately knew that it wasn’t intended as a joke, even though I chuckled.

To this day, I can’t exactly identify what that look was, but I knew I didn’t like it. Over time, I came to know exactly what he meant.

I respected my acting teacher very much, and I hung to every word and every critique.

This was probably the biggest one and almost no one else in the class caught the deeper meaning. Those that did, went on to build incredible careers and have participated in some amazing productions.

Over the last few years, I have begun sharing that message and what I learned from my acting teacher with members of our Boost My Star tribe, and those that have taken it to heart have enjoyed massive success in their acting careers too.

If you want to be successful as an actor, it all comes down to 2 things...

How To Access The Secret Treasure Trove of Acting Work

Do you have predictability in your acting career, or are you just kind of winging it from day to day?

Answer that questions honestly.

Nearly every actor I have ever met, is winging it, so don’t worry!

If that’s you too, it is not your fault!

There are not many people in the industry that actually have a clue about what is working right now, to make it as an actor.

This leaves us piecing together, random bits of information and advice which, well intended as it may be, is usually coming from colleagues that are in the same position as we are.

That’s why I created Boost My Star and pledged to make it all about the side of making it in the industry that no one else dares talk about.

For example, there’s a source of acting work that all of us have access to, but very few actors actually use it. Some of those that have used it have gone so far as to call it a treasure trove of acting work.

If you want to be a working a lot more than you currently are, let’s get real for a bit...

The Truth About Your Acting Career

Last week was one of the most important weeks for actors and it presented incredible opportunities, if you paid attention and took action.

You probably didn’t even hear a word about it around town.

I’m not referring to pilot or episodic season, so most actors have no idea what I’m talking about...and that’s why most will never make any significant career progress.

Before we dive in, I have to be honest. You may actually want to skip this report.

I deliver some inconvenient, if not harsh truths and it’s definitely not a “fluff” piece full of motivational platitudes.

Instead, this report contains real world strategies about what is working right now to make it as an actor.

So, if you are ready to finally make real progress in your acting career, there’s something you should know...

How To Get More Auditions and Book More Acting Jobs in 2019

The industry is changing. If you have been around Boost My Star for any length of time, you have heard me say this at least a thousand times.

The problem is not that the industry is changing, it’s that actors are not changing with it.

If you think of your actor friends, and the way almost everyone approaches the industry, you will notice that they all approach it the same way.

Enroll in acting classes or improv, find agent, wait for phone to ring. That’s pretty much how it goes for almost all of us.

However, if you are still acting in 2019 you have to change the way you do things.

If you want to have a long and prosperous career as a working actor you simply cannot afford to do what everyone else does. Doing so will get you the same results that everyone else gets, and most actors are on their way out of the industry, about as soon as they enter it.

The industry is undergoing a massive shift and getting more auditions, especially more quality auditions, is crucial to your success as an actor.

More than ever, you need to deploy every advantage available to you, and what I’m about to share with you will give you a huge advantage!

Let’s start with the 1 super simple change you can make right now that could lead to you getting tons more auditions immediately...

How To Get Verified on Instagram and Use It To Skyrocket Your Acting Career

I speak to and interact with a ton of actors and industry people every day. One of the most common questions I get is not what you might think.

Some want to know about the “best” acting classes and coaches in town.

Others want to know about landing a top tier agent, and a few are even bold enough to ask for introductions to Casting Directors and industry decision makers.

However, almost all of them want to know the same thing.
“How do I get verified on Instagram” is a questions I am asked all day everyday.

See, getting verified and having that prized blue check mark on your profile, can do wonders for your acting career.

It will open doors and unlock new opportunities for you to make giant career leaps, if you leverage it properly.

That is something almost nobody has a clue how to do.

There are so many actors with verification badges that are still going to open calls and that are not making any meaningful career progress, because getting verified on Instagram is the easy part.

Let me walk you through it step by step...

The #1 Thing Your Agent Should Be Telling You But Probably Isn’t

I have the incredible privilege to interact with tons of actors and industry decision makers every day. This gives me an incredible insight into what’s going on in the industry.

The same pattern emerges over and over again.

Actors are either looking for their first agent or looking for a new agent.

It’s almost as if having “the right agent” is considered the magic pill that will solve the problems inherent to being an actor.

They will get you into those exclusive auditions that you have never been able to get into before. They will introduce you to the movers and shakers in town, and your career will take off like a rocket overnight.

In reality, whether you are signed to WME or Buddy Joe The Talent Agent, your agent is only part of the equation and there are things that 99.99% of them will never tell you.

In many cases, having an agent could even end up hurting your career more than anything else.

Here’s why...

The #1 Thing Casting Directors Look For That Almost No One Talks About

We all focus so much energy on the spoken word. In fact, a poll conducted by one of the industry’s leading acting coaches revealed that actors spend about 75% of their time running lines, and only about 25% of their time working on facial expressions and body language.

If you want to be a fulltime actor and deliver world class performances that will have directors, CDs and even your castmates wanting to work with you over and over again, then spending your time this way is a big problem.

See, in reality, nonverbal communication accounts for about 93% of the impact you have on people. This is something that, as an actor, you have to portray in the characters you play.

The audience picks up on this on screen in the same way they do in the “real world.”

There is an absolute science and a formula for how to use nonverbal communication (body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice) properly.

It’s not limited to just the characters you play. Your body language could be the reason you are not getting as many callbacks as you should, and why you are not booking as many roles as you should.

CDs are trained to look beyond just how you perform at an audition. They are trained to look to your body language to determine whether or not you have what it takes to play the role.

Here’s how to communicate to Casting Directors know that you can deliver a world class performance, without even saying a word about it, and practically force them to book you...

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Acting Career

Being on social media, as an actor, is simply not a choice anymore. You have to be on social if you want to grow a community that supports your work, and industry decision makers are looking to social media to influence their casting decisions.

Unfortunately, nearly all actors are doing social media the wrong way!

They are making mistakes that are actually repelling industry decision makers.

See, there are a few specific things you must be doing on social media, if you want to use it as a tool to grow your career and generate opportunities.

When used correctly, social media can skyrocket your industry status quickly, and put you in front of CDs, directors, and tons of industry decision makers.

Here’s how...