The Other Skills You Need to Make It in The Industry

Growing up, I was very passionate about many things that were usually unwarranted.

I was passionate about my favorite sports teams and would readily debate anyone for hours if they dared to have a difference in opinion.

I was also passionate about silly things like my favorite color (which has changed many times through the years), the coolest car on the road, Pepsi VS Coke, and tons of other stuff that were of little importance.

Like any other kid, my focus was on being a kid.

Sure, I had big dreams and always wanted to get out to Hollywood to pursue them… but that was always something I would do “one day.”

In the small town I grew up in, there were only a few of us that thought this way. Some of us wanted to be actors, others wanted to play professional sports, and some wanted to serve in government on a high level.

There was exactly 1 of us that was actually working towards it and ended up making it big time!

If you are reading this, you have definitely seen her on TV, or while surfing Netflix. You have probably even seen some of her film work too.

When she left town midway through High School, with a Disney deal in hand, it was the talk of the town and everyone kept saying that she was so lucky.

Over the years, I thought about how she was able to achieve so much so quickly.

It wasn’t luck at all and that’s the great news. She only did a couple things masterfully and if you do them too, you can absolutely skyrocket your career!

Here’s how…

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Big Break

“A man that chases two rabbits, catches neither.” - Confucious 

At the time of this writing, we are almost through the first week of November. That means the season of giving is officially upon us. 

In that spirit, I want to give you something that goes beyond what we usually cover. This special report contains the A to Z recipe for how to get from where you are now to building a career that exceeds your wildest dreams, and getting that big break you’re after. 

There are truly only 3 things to focus on (yes really only 3 things) if you want to make it in the industry. 

Most of us spread ourselves way too thin and exhaust ourselves working on a thousand things that seem important but end up being a mere distraction that feels like progress. 

Fair warning: today’s special report is not for the faint of heart. It has a little bit of tough love, and because it contains the real strategies for succeeding as an actor, it will take away all excuses for someone who may not be making the career progress they want to make. 

Consider this a rallying cry and an open invitation to finally claim the success you deserve. 

If you want to know how to become the go to actor, the first person that CDs, producers, and directors think of anytime they are in casting mode, here’s where to start…

What’s Happening Now in The Industry

Grasshopper, it can be the best of times or it can be the worst of times. It’s just about Halloween. After this, everyone in the industry goes into holiday mode. 

They start thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Passover, etc. 

However, the people you most need to get in touch with are in a completely different mode. 

They will double down on their efforts as they try to close in on their year end goals. Big time people set big time goals and they will do everything they can to achieve them. 

Here’s what that means to you as an actor… 

You now have a window of time wherein you can make more progress in the next few weeks than you have all year. 

Here’s why… 

The Definitive Guide to Achieving Your Dream Acting Career

The odds of you being on this earth are 400 Trillion to 1. Wrap your mind around that.

You have already defied the odds simply by walking this earth.

Approach your career with that perspective in mind.

Let me ask you a question, what did it feel like the first time you saw your name on a cast list?

Think back to it. Remember the jitters in your stomach from being unsure if you could perform, combined with excitement. It was amazing, right?

That’s how each audition should feel.

So often, actors lose sight of why we got into the industry. We get caught up in the accolades and fanfare.

But it’s when we return to the core of our craft that we experience success.

When you go into an audition, knowing that you are going to get the job, you leave everything on the table.

You play your heart out and it shines through.

So how do you do that?

Will Smith said it this way…

Acting’s Lost Art

Think of the last great performance you witnessed. Who delivered it? There are many fantastic actors that I look up to and a few months ago, I started noticing a trend. 

I noticed that the standout performances that struck me most had something in common. I ran my thoughts past some industry colleagues, CDs, directors, and screenwriters to see if it was a coincidence or if I was on to something. 

They unanimously agreed that the trend was here to stay for the foreseeable future. In fact, they went so far as to say this is becoming so prevalent in the industry that there are not nearly enough actors that are skilled in this particular talent. 

That means, when you master it, you will fill an industry demand and instantly stand out in every audition you go on!

The Biggest Advantage You Can Have in A Casting Situation

What does a hockey puck, an alligator, Valentine’s Day, and a swordfish have to do with your acting career? 

Before we descend down that rabbit hole and go over what it has to do with your acting career, I want to ask you a question… 

What if the world we live in was nothing more than a mere simulation, a matrix of sorts? Yes, I know that’s an even bigger rabbit hole but stick with me for a minute. 

If it were a simulation would you play the game differently than you have been to this point, knowing that failure was not an option? 

Let me be clear: I’m not saying that it is! I am merely posing a mind-stretching question. 

Now, that your mind is in motion here’s another one that’s a bit more practical. 

If you had a way to see into the future, and you saw that whatever action you took next (pertaining to your acting career) could not fail, what would you do next? 

What if I said I could get you that looking glass to see into the future?...