100K Actor’s Revenue Rescue Formula

ATTENTION ALL ACTORS: Once you see how EASY the $100K from acting formula is, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner...

How To Quickly and Easily Earn A Living As An Actor
So You Can Finally Go Full Time and Fulfill Your Dreams

Dear grasshopper,

Did you know that there are only about 100,000 full time actors in the US?

Have you ever wondered why some actors that are far less talented than you are, seem to get all the good gigs and make the big bucks?

Are you stuck on the acting job roller coaster, going from crappy gig to crappy gig just to add credits to your resume and unable to even go out for the big roles because it would mean choosing between the gig or your steady paycheck?

I Totally Get It

Let’s get something clear right off the bat...It’s NOT your fault!

Look, since you’re reading this, you’re a member of my tribe so I’m going to get real with you.

Think about your circle or friends.

Really, stop and think about a handful of your closest friends. How many of them are full time actors? (and I mean Actors not “actors” LOL)

Here’s where I’m going with that. When you have a strategic career related question, who do you turn to?

Do you turn to your friends that are in the same boat as you are? How much valuable insight can they provide, no matter how sincere their attempts might be?

Do you turn to an acting coach?

Face it, even if you have an agent or a manager, don’t you ultimately need to be in charge of your own destiny instead of dependent on someone else?

I’ve been looking out for my fellow actors for several years now. And helping you guys to make a real living and build careers you love and deserve is what I do.

Just like I did for Chris who said “You helped me solidify and land a HUGE deal that was in the works! Thank you so much!”

Everyone I have shared the Actor’s Revenue Rescue Formula with has seen amazing results and I’m about to share it with you right now.

Real quick, before I tell you what the formula is, let me tell you what it’s not.

It’s not some weird get rich scheme or MLM “opportunity” that will have you begging your friends for help.

It’s not a pie in the sky theory of something that might work and cause money to manifest out of thin air, and fall into your lap while you sit back and do nothing.

The A.R.R. Formula is a real, simple, and proven way to go from where you are now to $100K from acting so you can finally go full time and kiss your day job goodbye.

Just imagine for a moment what it will feel like to walk into your bosses office and say sianara! Never looking back because the Actor’s Revenue Rescue Formula has set you up with a way to bankroll your career.

Have you noticed how YouTubers and Instagrammers are everywhere these days? There is so much opportunity to cash in on right now, if you have a following.

Take a look at this. This is a prime example of the A.R.R. Formula in action.

Did you know that a YouTube Video can make you upwards of $5 per 1000 views even if you are not selling anything in the video.

See YouTube runs on advertisements and advertisers will pay top dollar to show ads before, during, or in between popular videos.

You are probably thinking that this is difficult to do or just something that you could never do. Trust me, if you can hit the record button on your iPhone and count to 5, you can make this happen. You just need to have the proper formula to do so.

Remember that in my last post, I walked you through how Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun built a massive following using nothing more than a flip cam and one laptop? (by the way in case you missed it, go read my last article here)

Check this out. This is probably the easiest way in the world to turn $20 into $13,000.


The premise of the video is simple and I’m sure you’ve seen tons of similar videos. In a social experiment, the guys bought a homeless man a pizza and sent in one of their buddies to ask for a slice, in order to document if greed or giving would prevail.

Fair warning, it’s kind of a tear jerker.

Here’s how this became the best $20 these guys ever spent. Assuming you spent your twenty to buy the pizza (you can actually get one for much less if you’re really strapped) and already have an iPhone, Android or some device with a camera to capture the action, that’s your entire production budget.

This video has generated over 2.6 million views so far. Using the rule of thumb of $5 per 1000views, here’s how the math breaks down.

2,603,000/1000= 2,603 batches of 1000 views. If you make $5 for each batch: 2,603 X $5= $13,015

BOOM! How many times do you have to do this in order to get to your $100K?

I can hear you thinking. That’s great Scott, but there’s no way I could ever get 2.6 Million Views on YouTube!

Not to worry grasshopper. Let’s take a look at another example and you will see how you can hit your target of $100K super quick even without millions of views to a video.

Check out this one of ShowSlimStunna the self proclaimed greatest rapper from Richmond, VA.


Similar concept at work here. He documents what happens when he treats a homeless guy to Burger King and “spares some change.”

Let’s say this cost a grand total of $5-$6 and an iPhone to film and let’s go through the math.

The view count here is much more attaible at just over 136,000.
We divide it by 1000 to get our batch number and we get 136. Multply by $5 (the rule of thumb earnings per batch of 1000 views) and that five dollar bill he invested just turned into $680.

That won’t make you rich but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt either. For some of you even just a handful of those every month would be enough to go full time.

Now for the ultimate one. Let’s say you left your wallet at home on the day you were planning to shoot and only had your iPhone and $0 to spend on production.

Here’s how you turn $0 into $16,000

The scenario in this video is nothing more than a conversation that turned into well over 3.2 Million views. Let’s run through that again.


3.2 Million/1000= 3200 batches X $5 per batch of 1000 views= an even $16,000 profit!

I realize that these numbers probably seem intimidating at first, understand that they are truly very attainable. I’m not giving you examples from a super channel like Roman Attwood’s with over 3.3Billion views.

These are simply, real, moderately successful examples of what’s possible. You don’t have to be a tech wizard. YouTube takes care of the hard part.

You don’t need to learn code or anything like that.

All you do is film something cool, upload, and fill out a few boxes to ensure that people can find your video and that’s it.

Combine that with the secret sauce that I will tell you about in a moment and this thing takes off quickly!

It really is that simple. Remember this is a fluff free zone! I could insert tons of filler content here, but why bother?

If you’re thinking that this isn’t something you want to do, experiments with the homeless, I don’t blame you!

Go back and reread my previous article, especially the section where we talk about choosing your subject matter. Here’s the link to that.

Plus, there’s this little known way that people are using to monetize their platform called influencer marketing.

This has become so huge that even Amazon announced recently that they would be creating a division where in they team up with influencers (people with large social media followings) to promote products sold on Amazon.

They pay the influencers a flat fee for the opportunity to have their products presented plus a share of the total product sales.

Couple this opportunity with what we just discussed above and you only have to do a handful of things right over the course of an entire year to reach your $100K income as a fulltime actor.

Now, I realize I’m kind of making an assumption here that you want to make at least 100K per year.

Maybe you don’t maybe you need less than this. Maybe you would be satisfied with just half of that. Maybe $50,000 per year is more than enough for you to kiss your day job goodbye and get serious about acting.

Whatever that magic number is, it’s totally up to you. What I wanted to share with you here is the formula for getting there. There is absolutely nothing standing in your way, except getting started.

And the way to get started is to start at the beginning. While you could post hundreds of videos to YouTube and hope that someone finds them someday, you could instead guarantee that they would be trending in no time.

I’ll explain. You need to have a way to tell people about it. This doesn’t mean that you need to have 1 Million followers to get 1 Million views.

You absolutely do not! All you need to do is get the party started.

There’s a common practice at nightclubs where the bouncers are instructed to purposely keep the line long outside to give the impression of the club being popular and in demand.

Similarly you just need to have a moderate sized group of people to send to the video in order to get the party started and give the perception of demand.

You accomplish this by boosting your IMDb ranking and beefing up your social media. The way to do that is here.

Go check it out now. It’s literally the only thing standing between you and a 100K career.

One of my mentors always says. Scott. One year from now you are going to be one year older. What will have changed?

Chances are that you have never been privy to what I’m sharing with you here. Maybe you knew some of it but had not connected the dots with how this would help build your career.

Remember acting is ultimately business. You are a business and it’s time that you started acting like one by pursuing revenue channels. This is the way to do it.

Do you remember in my last email where I shared with you how businesses that are sitting on big piles of cash are 5X more likely to succeed than companies that are bootstrapped,?

Guess what actors were sitting on big piles of cash and could afford to take risks with their careers from the start? If you guessed Emily Blunt and Rashida Jones, you are right!

A movie star and TV star both with a meteoric rise. See when you are not bogged down by the pressures of a day job and can focus 100% of your time and energy to acting, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the starving artists hoping to be discovered.

Take your career into your own hands. If you want to make $100K from acting, then this is the first step. Go check this out now while it’s fresh on your mind.

Talk soon, Scott

P.S. The Actor’s Revenue Rescue Formula and this are reserved for real Actors only. Please only go here if you are truly serious about your career.