The Audacity of…

There is a guy that most of you have never heard of. Get this… 

He founded and runs a company that claims to be able to land on the moon and will begin rare earth mineral mining operations (plentiful on the moon) by 2019. 

Whether you think he’s nuts or you admire the will to be bold, there’s something to note. 

Here’s the thing: his company is the only one in the world with an international permit to land on the moon. The permits to launch have long been secured and the technology is like 97% of the way there. 

Wondering what this has to with your acting career? 

Grasshopper, it’s undeniable that our beloved industry is going through a transition. Most of us can agree that it was long overdue. When an industry, or any part of society goes through this, it can either come out gloriously on the other side or whither and be forgotten to the sands of time. 

Our industry will be markedly different in the next 12 months and in 24 months it will be almost unrecognizable to the unseasoned observer. 

Here’s the part that everyone is missing, yet it’s what producers and CDs are scrambling for… 

To get a better of understanding of where this is going, here’s a bit of trivia. Do you know who once consumed the most lobster? 

Jailed inmates! 

Lobsters were considered to be the poor man’s protein and fed to inmates and house pets. It wasn’t until a clever bit of marketing and a decrease in the availability of lobster, that its reputation began to change. 

Stick with me for a sec, as we break this down. 

Whereas, the audiences we love to entertain once looked up to actors that were larger than life, the tides are shifting. 

What is most appealing to audiences today, and what producers and CDs can’t get enough of are actors with feel good stories. What the industry needs more than anything else, to come out of this transitional period more gloriously than ever before, is people like you that will drive audiences to the box office because they like you, not because you’re “a rock star from Mars with tiger blood running through your veins.” 

Mark my words, that’s the next clever marketing angle that the industry is actively looking for. 

Here’s why they don’t have enough actors in this capacity yet. 

Most of us are stuck in the old mentality and feel like we still need to be larger than life, when in fact it’s time to peel the onion. There always comes a time when “that’s the way it’s always been” becomes the way it once was. 

The next wave to hit the industry will be the feel good story, there’s no doubt about that. Everywhere you look, you will see a new project starring an actor who was a teen mom and put her dreams on hold until her kids were old enough to be unaffected by her absence. 

You will see the new series starring the foster kid who was never supposed to amount to anything and had to prove everyone wrong, or the old man who was in and out of a juvenile detention center as a kid and fought off cancer before taking a leap of faith and chasing his heart’s real desire at 61. 

So grasshopper, it’s time to tell your story with pride. See, most people shy away from the very thing that could be your rocket fuel. When you transcend the circumstance, it becomes your why. 

When your why is big enough, you can accomplish anything. Even something out of this world, as is planned by our ambitious entrepreneur from above, Naveen Jain. 

See, it’s not just about going to the moon and bringing back rocks. It’s about creating a self-funding program that will yield the research and personnel needed to evolve into a space tourism venture. 

You’ve probably heard that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes, right?... 

But there’s actually a third and it’s the big why behind things like the moon mission: regret. That’s the third certainty. 

The avoidance of regret is the secret used by the top 1% of the industry and the future 1% percenters. 

If they see an industry titan across the restaurant they don’t simply watch from afar, because approaching them might be improper. 

They weigh the chances that they will regret not introducing themselves and go for it. 

So that begs the question… 

What would you do? 

  1. A) Keep your distance out of respect 
  2. B) Approach boldly (yet respectfully) and introduce yourself 


If you answered A, you’re in for a long, tough road. 

Whether you live your dreams or not, largely relies on having the audacity to do it. So what’s it going to be grasshopper? 

If you choose to be bold and go for it, I’ve laid out a strategy for you to get yourself in high demand: peel the onion. 

I’ll leave you with words of wisdom from someone much wiser than I: be prepared. Here’s what that means. That moon mining company we’ve been talking about was actually prepared and ready to launch their moon mission way back in 2015. 

Why didn’t they do it then? They were basically pulled off the launch pad for lacking a permit. So be sure that you are 100% prepared when you’re ready to launch your acting career. 

Here’s how to do that.

This will serve as your permit in a way, as it will open doors that were once closed and make it easier for you to get into rooms where you were once an outsider. 

So what’s your story and your next move? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email. I read every one that comes through. 

See you at the top, 

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