How to Get A Listers To Contact You

Dear Grasshopper, 

If I didn’t witness it with my own two eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. 

It was so simple that I had a head-slapper “why didn’t I think of that” moment. 

Usually when someone stumbles on something like this, it is human nature to want to keep it all to yourself, especially when dealing in such an ego driven and competitive field as the one we’re in. 

Not you though! This is why I love our tribe so much. 

The creator of what I’m about to share with you, actually told me what he was up to and begged me to share it with you guys ASAP. 

Before I did that, I put this strategy through its paces on my own and I was absolutely blown away. 

We’re talking meetings with Hollywood power brokers, elite agents, managers, directors, writers, casting directors, producers, and even media coverage! 

Best of all, this strategy took about 15 minutes to put into action across the board. 

Here’s why it worked it so well and how you can put this to use today… 

About a week ago Facebook announced a major change to their platform that will change the way social media functions, and it has far reaching implications for actors like you. 

Keep in mind that Facebook also owns and operates Instagram. 

Here’s a little bit of prologue, to get you caught up. When a new social media platform emerges, it’s kind of a free for all. This is necessary to encourage user engagement, community growth, etc. 

Stick with me for a sec, because it’s about to get real. 

If you’ve been around Facebook for more than a couple of years, you might remember the days when you could post a pic and 400 of your 500 friends would give it a thumbs up. 

Today, you might struggle to get 100 of your 1,000 friends to even see the pic, much less react to it. In fact, if you could consistently get 10% of people to interact with stuff on social media, there’s a lavish Madison Avenue corner office with your name on it. 

See, there used to be a lot more community centric functionality to FB than there is now, and the Facebook algorithms used to actually let you see what you wanted to see. 

Today it’s a pay to play model that puts advertisers before anything else and Facebook openly admits to curating content they want you to see (because it could mean more bottom line dollars for them if they can sway new advertisers). 

If you’re an advertiser this is the best news ever, because you are no longer competing against organic content. 100% of the people that you want to see your ad, will see your ad and Facebook will make sure of it. 

Cue the drumroll! … 

See most ads you see on Facebook are for clothes, jewelry, health care stuff, restaurants, etc. 

What if you could advertise a product that everyone of you reading this has in stock right now? 


In and of itself that is genius, but this is the part where my mind was blown. Remember that Facebook is now a 100% pay to play model, which means that Facebook will force people to see your ad about you. 

You may not have known this, but since we tell Facebook everything about ourselves through our posts, advertisers can literally choose to display an ad to (for example) single women, that are devoted vegetarians, between the ages of 29 and 35, that live in the 90046 zip code, work in fashion, went to UCLA, enjoy action movies, secretly love Kid Rock’s music, and can’t go a day without a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, on rye nonetheless. 

Instagram is the same the way, and the same company. 

So, if you create a list of people you want to see or meet with, whether it’s agents, managers, CDs, producers, studio execs, etc. you can target them specifically and hone in on them just like in the example above and Facebook will force their eyeballs onto your ad. 

Not only that, they will also then seek out people like them and suggest your content to them. 

This means that you would be getting your targets attention, along with people just like them that you probably never would have thought of. 

The entire process goes like this. 

  1. Build the profile of the people you want to target. Get as detailed as you can, like in the example above. 
  2. Post to your Facebook Page 
  3. Turn that post into ad that targets the people that fit the profile you built in step 1.

That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s really that simple. If you want to get super bold with it, you can even call out the people that you are hoping to see your ad, by name. 

This strategy is so radical that it doesn’t fit into to what behavioral psychologists call “reality boxes.” 

Because it probably doesn’t fit into your paradigm, right about now the brain is scrambling to fit this new info into one of your reality boxes. Since it does not fit neatly anywhere, it will then move on to try and discredit and destroy the information. It’s your brains way of trying to keep you sane 

You might be thinking that this won’t work because no one you want to get in touch with has time for Facebook (or Instagram), even if they did see it they would never reach out to you, etc. You might even be thinking that it takes loads of cash to pull this off. 

Step back, quiet your mind and realize that nearly 90% of the developed world uses social media including the people you want to reach, Facebook will do everything in its enormous power to ensure they see your post (and collect that ad money), and because you are only trying to reach a few dozen people not a few million people you can literally get started with $5 bucks. 

There is no excuse not to give it a shot and see what happens. I have seen lives changed in the last few months. 

Just complete steps 1-3 above, lather, rinse, and repeat until you get to everyone you want to get to. 

Side note: once they see your ad, they will likely get curious about you so just make your industry reputation and your social media standing are up to par. 

Here’s a shortcut for that.

This strategy was modeled using similar methods to those used to by average teens to get big celebrities as prom dates. 

It works because it uses the conduit by which we can all connect to even the most inaccessible people in the world. 

So just give it a shot. Be bold and do the things that everyone else is unwilling to do. That’s how you reach success. 

If you’re like most actors, you have probably spent many hours and probably tossed and turned at night scheming and thinking about how your career would take off if you could just get into a room with the right people. 

This is your foot in the door strategy. Just be sure not to overlook this because it will help you close the deal once you’re in.

That’s it grasshopper. I have always vowed to bring you the latest strategies that are working right now for actors just like you. This special report is me staying true to my word. 

So who are you going to go after first? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email. I read every one that comes through. 

Lastly, I want to leave you with the famous words of the infamous Wayne Gretzsky “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 

So take the shot.

See you at the top,