Ninja 2.0

Think back to ninth grade.

Remember how everyone ran over to the board excitedly the day after auditions? People would climb over each other to see how they were cast.

It was a time of...adolescent bliss.

A mentor of mine told me that you are the truest version of yourself when you’re about 16. This is an age when you are mature enough to separate fact from fantasy (for the most part) but you are still young enough to have that glimmer of “anything’s possible” in your eye.

Most of my peers from that time, didn’t want to be professional actors. And the few of us wackos that did want to pursue this professionally...let’s just say there’s much less than a handful of us still standing.

I find that fascinating and it’s one of the things that drove me to create BoostMyStar and this phenomenal community.

At first I wanted to dissect what made us pursue the industry. Once I did that, I became obsessed with finding out what made us succeed in the industry.

See, if you Google “how to become an actor” you will get 97.3 Million results. There’s plenty of information out there on the subject…

However, if you dig through just a couple of pages, you will quickly find that it’s all more of the same stuff.

They all tell you to get a great headshot, network with other people, do improv, etc.

While all of that is certainly good advice and has its place, I created this tribe with the intent of sharing the real side of Hollywood. I’ve been around the block and back in this town and I have the proverbial scars to go along with the journey.

So BoostMyStar is a place for us to talk about the side of the industry that no one else dares talk about. It’s why I’ve introduced you to the ultimate tools for your actor’s toolbox. Trust me, master the palm reader trick and you will be unstoppable.

There’s so much information on this site already that if you pieced it together, you could literally write your own ticket, not just in the industry...anywhere.

One of the mistakes that we actors make is treating the industry and our careers like unicorns: mythical creatures that defy all logic.

I’ve been guilty of it too and I still do it sometimes. I mean, when you’re sitting across the table from someone that you once asked for an autograph...logic goes right out the window. LOL…

At the end of the day, Hollywood is a business.

Not just that, it’s a business that is changing faster than the powers at be can even comprehend. This is why the industry goes into absolute turmoil every few years when the union contracts start to expire.

If there’s anything to be learned from history, is that the periods of greatest uncertainty (like the period we’re in now) also present the most opportunity.

More wealth was created in America following the great depression and following the great recession than at any other time in history.

Stick with me for a second because no one in the industry will have a level headed conversation with us about keeps the wheels turning in Hollywood.

Simply’s cash. More great films ended up being scrapped in preproduction or even midway through production than ever before, during 2009-2011.

Following that, during a period of unprecedented prosperity we saw the evolution of super blockbusters. No longer was $100 Million dollars an acceptable budget for a franchise film, as it was pre 2009.

Budgets today for big franchise films like the Marvel series are over a quarter of a billion dollars. Yet, box office revenues are down and streaming revenue models haven’t been figured out yet by the studios.

They’re having to spend much more to make much less. It’s an unsustainable business model. Here’s why this is important to you.

We are going to soon be experiencing a great contraction of slated projects across all media. Scripted TV, Films, and their various categories will have production loads cut dramatically.

This is not simply my opinion, rather it is compiled from many industry insiders that are the very top of the industry, running the show.

Efforts will be shifting to more economical formats like reality TV and game shows.

This will be a time when audition rooms begin to resemble the “breadlines” of the the 1930s.

Sound dramatic? Maybe...and I hope it is.

The point that I intend to communicate is that there will be far more actors than projects. There’s already a surplus of actors as it is and the coming period of contraction and consolidation will make it much, much worse.

Here’s the good news. Those of us that are the top our game, like the members of our tribe, will be able to outperform and outlast those that are unprepared.


You don’t prepare yourself for this by taking another acting class. You’re good enough already. You don’t prepare by retaking your headshot or updating your reel…

That will come in due time.

The only way to be prepared and take advantage of the opportunity is to give yourself an unbeatable advantage.

You do that by employing the strategies that you have learned about as a member of the tribe. Remember, the strategies I’ve laid out for you have been learned by trial and error and studying what really works. It’s insider info straight from the masters of the industry like WME.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that you build as many industry connections as possible. Throw pleasantries to the wind and just go for it. If you’ve been wanting to read for a show but haven’t had the chance to, hunt down the CD at Starbucks and get their attention.

Want an agent with better access? Now is the time to ride the elevator up to 35th floor and back down again. Do this all day until you catch them and get your 30 seconds to pitch.

You need to get into as many audition rooms as possible. This may seem like it goes against what I normally share.

I don’t mean that you should show up for anything and everything whether or not you’re suited for the role. You still have to be smart about what you read for and ensure that it builds your “category of one.”

But in order to get to where you haven’t gone, you have to do what you haven’t yet done. This means that if you haven’t put together your demonstration of power pack, it’s time to do it.

You already know that, in order to get invited into more auditions and have the best shot at being cast, you have to build massive credibility and build a great social media following too.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to do that, no sweat. I have you covered here.

See when the big studio mergers start to happen at an even faster pace, it will leave many of the smaller production houses without distribution and run them out of business quickly.

This means that there will be fewer projects and thus fewer roles to go around. So if you haven’t yet started on creating your own content, stay tuned. I have a great step by step series on that coming up soon.

If you’ve been a member of the tribe for a while, you probably know the story of my friend Mark. The anniversary of his passing is coming up and it’s always a painful time.

He was such a talented actor that would have upleveled the entire industry. He never got the chance to and died with the music still in him, as they say.

Not a day goes by when a Hollywood newcomer doesn’t stop me and ask “what do I need to do to get my big break?”

My response is always the same. “Live your life as if no one’s watching. Do what everyone else is afraid to do and take the risks that everyone else is unwilling to take. Otherwise the music forever stay in you.”

So what will it be dear grasshopper? Will the music stay in you or will you live your dreams?

We are often our own worst enemies, so it’s important that we get out of our heads and out of our way from time to time.

I can’t take the entire tribe by the hand and make introductions and accompany everyone to auditions. It would be physically impossible.

What I can do is give your industry credibility a huge boost.

I know the secrets to building massive social media followings, so that you can get more auditions and be the only logical casting choice since you come with a platform attached.

Click here for the way to do that.

Whatever you choose to do,

  1. Start now. Don’t wait another second
  2. Increase your industry credibility and build a massive social media following to leverage as a platform. This will make you the only logical casting choice.
  3. Use the demonstration of power pack, the audition domination cycle, the actor’s revenue rescue formula and everything else to get into as many auditions as possible (that still fit into your category of one). Reach for roles that may seem unattainable too.
  4. Lean on me and the tribe for support.


Remember. I’m always only a comment or an email away. Let me know how I can help. Your success is my success, because we’ll top level the entire industry.

One thing is certain, the world will always need great actors and entertainers.

So if it’s going to be someone...why not you?

See you at the top,