The Cycle of Audition Domination

You are about to learn The Cycle of Audition Domination dear grasshopper. This will help you go from available and open to any role that comes your way, to booked solid and cherry picking your projects. 

Think about this for a second… 

When you go on an audition and land the role, how do you feel? Excited, encouraged, emboldened? 

When you go on 5 auditions and get 0 callbacks how do you feel? Chances are you would be looking for an excuse not go on the sixth audition. 

The reason for both of these scenarios is The Cycle of Audition Domination.




Let’s break it down. We are all governed by certainty. When you hop in the driver’s seat of your car and turn the ignition you’re certain that it will turn on and you’ll drive off safely. 

If you had any doubts about that, if you thought even for a split second that there was a possibility that there was a gas leak and that the entire thing would go up in flames when you turned the key, how eagerly would you turn that key? 

Acting is the same way. You have to be absolutely certain that when you walk into an audition, you are merely there as a formality because the role is already yours. 

See your level of certainty will dictate your level of action. If you’re 100% certain that the role is yours to lose, you will play your heart out. 

If you’ve been on several auditions with 0 callbacks, you’re basically going through the motions with a belief level so low that it doesn’t even allow you to play full out. So how likely are you to land the role then? 

It’s a vicious cycle. 

So, when you go on an audition and land the role, what does it make you want to do? Go on more auditions and land more roles, right? 

When you’re getting booked consistently, you feel unstoppable going into an audition. Your belief level in landing the role is so high, that you will play it out on a level that you didn’t even know you had. 

That’s unshakeable confidence in yourself. 

So, you can increase your level action by going on more auditions but if you’re doing it with a low belief level, then you’re just doing more of what doesn’t work. 

To change your results, you have to change your level of belief. You have to build the ultimate belief in yourself and have unshakeable confidence and you do this by achieving in the mind first. 

Stick with me. This isn’t “positive thinking” stuff, this is real world, behavioral science. 

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Dr. Denis Waitley spearheaded a research effort with athletes in the US Olympic program. Athletes were hooked up to sophisticated biofeedback equipment and they were instructed to run their events only in their mind. It’s called Visual Motor Rehearsal. 

Researchers discovered that even though the athletes weren’t moving a muscle, their brains fired the same neuro sequences as when they were running the event in reality. 

Furthermore, they found that all of the athletes improved their physical conditioning and ran their events faster and completed them with greater success than before. 

This happens when you give yourself results in advance. When you can see the goal as already accomplished, then you increase your belief level, which in turn raises your action set, and improves your results. 

Think of this in an audition setting. Getting results in your mind and seeing yourself as already having the career you desire, tells your body that you’re successful already and so you act like it. This is what people mean when they say “if you go there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body.” 

Have you ever tried your hardest to do something and then realized that you had just a little bit more left in you? 

Think of marathon runners. Do they collapse at the finish line or do most of them look like they could go another mile or two? There’s always more in the tank but in order to access it, you have to change your beliefs by getting results. 

Think of it this way. If I gave you Scorsese’s cell number and said “he’s waiting for your call to discuss an upcoming project.” How eagerly would you make the call? If you were certain, then you would absolutely make the call. 

But if I said “Hey I found this online. It’s Scorsese’s number. Call and see if he has a role for you.” Would you even bother? Probably not. Your belief level in that phone call leading to anything would be so low, that you probably wouldn’t even make the call. You would convince yourself that he wouldn’t even answer. 

Do you think Leo gets butterflies in his stomach when he dials Scorsese these days? They’ve worked together enough that Leo knows Scorsese will answer. He’s certain. 

Succeeding in any business but especially in this one, is all about confidence and certainty. The climb is what gives you confidence. You don’t need to have already reached your ultimate goal. The progress Is what raises your belief in yourself and propels you to bigger and better roles. 

Reading this you probably don’t have your back against the wall. It may not be filet mignon (or the vegetarian version of filet mignon) but you probably aren’t counting on your next role to feed yourself. 

You might not live in Beverly Hills but I’m sure you know where you’re going to sleep tonight. 

Comfort is the killer of success. My point is that you, like most other actors, are probably relatively comfortable. It’s not a do or die situation...or is it? 

You should be deathly afraid of waking up one day, realizing you squandered your life away hoping instead of acting. 

I know I am…and that is what drives me. 

So grasshopper, that’s the Audition Domination Cycle. 

In order to dominate the audition circuit, you need to have absolute certainty that you walk in, not to audition, but to claim your role. 

This is how you dominate the audition circuit and the industry. Before long, you will find yourself moving from one Hollywood bubble to the next with ease. 

Don’t forget that, in order to do this, you need to have auditions to go on. Just like apples, you should have at least one a day. 

Without auditions, everything else is irrelevant. The key to getting more auditions, so that you can apply this and dominate the industry is here.

If your career is on the perfect path, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing… 

But if you want more, you have to do something differently. Otherwise, you’re doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result which is the definition of?... 

So, what are you going to do differently today? Here’s where I would start. Go here and get the details.

See you at the top,