You know I’m not one to review movies. I kind of feel like, in our business, the saying should be “those who can do, those who can’t review.” 

So, this release is not a synopsis or a review of Pretty Woman. It’s more of an unlikely case study of how to succeed as an actor. 

In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen the movie, I highly suggest you watch…just be sure and read this release first and take the steps outlined at the end. Then you can relax and watch the movie with an entirely new paradigm. 

One of the most iconic scenes of the movie speaks volumes and depicts the way that casting directors see you. Peel the onion with me and you’ll see what I mean… 

The scene where Vivian is strolling sheepishly down Rodeo Drive is telling. She is noticeably excited as she peers in the store windows. 

Because of her (ahem) attire, people are staring daggers at her. 

She darts into a store, almost as if to escape the stares, only to find more of them inside. The workers immediately take note of her and make a snap judgement. 

Now let’s peel the onion and get to what this has to do with your acting career. 

The Casting Directors are the shopkeepers, and you are Vivian. They are what is standing between you and the things you want. 

In her case, that was an evening dress. In your case, that would be bookings. How are CDs perceiving you when you walk into their shop (the audition)? 

Stick with me for a sec, because I’m NOT talking about the clothes you are wearing to the audition… 

See, in the movie, Vivian later comes back wearing the right clothes. She is meticulously outfitted from head to heels. The stares coming her way are now those of admiration, instead of disdain. 

She returns to the shop that asked her to leave and they spring into action, almost as if simply being in her presence is an honor. Vivian’s appearance now says something totally different. 

She belongs, she is a member of the club. 

Ask yourself this question: do Casting Directors spring into action, begging to help you like a shopkeeper? 

Do they rush through your audition, as if you are unworthy of their time, or worst of all, are they friendly but indifferent? 

In this scene, the clothes are a central theme. 

That begs the question, if you are Vivian and the shopkeepers are the Casting Directors, what are you wearing? 

Which Vivian are you? I don’t mean that literally or in reference to the clothes that are on your back. 

Your marketability, in particular your social media presence, is the outfit you dawn as an actor. So what does it say about you? Do you appear to belong or is your “outfit” safety pinned together like the outfit that got Vivian bounced from Rodeo Drive? 

If you want Casting Directors to spring into action, you must give them the impression that you are a member of the club. 

You are seeing so much crossover of social media stars, going into main stream media because of this. 

Doors are swinging open for them, before they even approach because they have the air of belonging. 

In just a sec, we’ll go over how to fix your “outfit” and give everyone you meet the impression that you belong. 

First, there is another iconic scene that shows an incredibly important point. 

In this scene Vivian and Edward (the Billionaire) are going shopping. As they enter the store she says to him “The stores are not nice to me.” 

His response was amazing “Stores are never nice to people. They’re nice to credit cards.” 

Let’s peel that onion again. In a very real sense, credit cards represent your reputation. An American Express Black Card holder can shut down the store. 

A first premier bank card holder (hey I’ve been there too!) is probably not allowed anywhere near that same store. 

So what’s in your actor’s wallet? Again I don’t mean that literally. Thinking of your actor’s toolbox, what represents your reputation? 

The measure of your industry reputation is your IMDb profile. What does your STARmeter say about you? 

So if the stores and shopkeepers are the casting director and studios, and stores are not nice to people (actors) they’re nice to credit cards (reputation which is your STARmeter), what are you presenting them with? 

Does your STARmeter (your reputation) match your potential? Does your outfit (your social media following) open doors for you or does it work against you? 

Knowing that you would not be reading this if you didn’t wish for better in at least one, if not both, of these areas here’s, how to fix both of them once and for all.

See, when she wasn’t wearing the right outfit, it didn’t matter that Vivian had giant wads of cash in her purse, in everyone’s mind she didn’t belong. 

This is just like you. You may truly be the best in the world to the play the role you are going after, but it doesn’t matter if no one thinks you even belong in the room. 

So make sure that doors are never shut for you.

Make sure that your reputation opens doors for you. 

I got an email a few months ago from an actor who spent a few paragraphs ranting about how no one had ever called him to read because of his IMDb profile. 

I looked him up and sure enough, his STARmeter (industry reputation) was horrible! I took a look at his reel and honestly, he had skills! Frankly, he was passionate and natural, and had a better reel than a lot of actors I see being cast every day. 

The difference is that their industry reputation precedes them. Their social media standing shows that they belong. 

So if you want more out of your career than you are currently getting, here’s an easy fix.

There are few certainties in life (3 if you read my release about that) but here’s something you can count on: if you keep doing the same as you’ve always done, you will continue to get more of what you have always gotten. 

So try something different. It doesn’t have to be this, but what else would be easier, faster, and more effective at moving your career forward?

At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to… 

See you at the top,