Kickstart the Party

Boom! It’s about to happen Grasshopper!

So much has happened around here over the last few weeks that my head is spinning. We’re seeing the old Hollywood cabal crumble before our eyes. Traditional media is on life support and has begun to openly wage war on their digital counterparts.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that you wouldn’t believe, even if you sat in the studio meetings yourself.

This has opened up a window of opportunity for you to jump through. You now have a second chance to be one of the first movers online.

Here’s what I mean…

Can you imagine how things might be different for you right now if only you had been one of the first “YouTubers?” I know a guy that runs his channel out of his basement and collects upwards of $15 Million dollars a year in revenue!

Granted, it is now a very large and nicely equipped basement, but it wasn’t always that way.

He started with a webcam and DSL internet, but he was one of the first online in his space and fully took advantage of being a first mover.

Someone once said “When you’re entering a new marketplace, you can either be first or you can be good.”

Imagine what happens if you’re first and good?

This is so important that my mind is getting way ahead of my keyboard, so I want to backup and keep this simple.

I’m going to detail a strategy for making yourself the only logical choice to be cast. If you simply read this release carefully until the end and do it what it says. You will find yourself overflowing in opportunity.

Plus, I’m literally going to gift you the tools to make this happen. So shut off the distractions and read through carefully.

To really understand all of this, I’m going to share an incredible story with you.

Through a chain of events that started when I was in the eleventh grade, I’ve landed on screen with superstars that we all look up to.

It was all possible because, I was at the forefront of a movement in the entertainment business... A movement in which you now have a second chance to be a part of.

I wouldn’t trade my journey through the industry for anything in the world. It’s been the best of times, and at times it’s been worse than anything I could have ever imagined when I left Pennsylvania.

I remember, I touched down at LAX and immediately enrolled in every acting class, workshop, séance, whatever my wallet could handle.

I thought this was the way in. Get really good and surely, the agents would beat a path to my door with scripts and offers in hand. Over the next few years I landed a few gigs here and there but nothing to write home about.

It was cool though, I thought it was just part of “paying your dues.”

I’ll never forget this though. As big as LA is, Hollywood is actually pretty small, right? You tend to see familiar faces around the audition circuit. One day though I was waiting for my turn to read and I couldn’t help but notice someone new.

He had that unmistakable glimmer of hope and excitement that comes with all the newcomers.

When he was called to read, I noticed that he took an extraordinarily long time. Later on, I heard through the grapevine that he actually won the role.

So I started asking around about him. I don’t know why I cared but I just knew that there was something to this guy. No one I talked to seemed to know anything about him except that he was starting to get booked left and right!

I was in the habit of catching some sun on the sand in Santa Monica, after improv and before my shift at Del Lago. Lo and behold, there he was doing the same so I walked over and asked him how it was that he was taking off so fast.

He told me about this thing online called Myspace and how he had thousands of people all over, following his every move.
Before he even said it, I connected the dots. “You’re using this myspace thing to convince the casting directors that you’re already famous aren’t you?” I asked.

“Bingo!” He said in a thick, almost smug Australian accent. “Internet fame, is the next big thing my friend.”

I knew this was the key.

Over the next several years, I tried everything I could, to get an online presence that I could somehow leverage to show casting directors that I was for real.

Myspace came and went, Tumblr flopped, Friendster was LOL, Facebook was kind of hit or miss at first. The biggest breakthrough finally came when IMDb went mainstream.

When I was finally able to show casting directors a rock solid star rating on IMDb, I was legitimate.

When I was able to show them this and tens of thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers, I made it nearly impossible for them to cast someone else. I came with a built in audience, and that meant I also came with revenue attached.

As I got busier and started to book more jobs, people started to ask me how I was able to stay so busy and they were even asking me if I could help them do the same.

The formula to dominate social media, particularly Instagram since it is rapidly replacing Facebook as the go-to social network, is deceptively simple.

So here’s what you need to do to dominate Instagram.

  1. Start a “fan” account and profile your favorite actors and their work
  2. Research the biggest accounts related to your actors and see what’s working for them. Figure out the top 3 hashtags they use and the types of content they post
  3. Post 3-5 times per day, working those hashtags into your captions
  4. Comment on other accounts, related to yours, in order to increase exposure and gain new followers
  5. Once you hit the scaling point (5K+ followers) introduce yourself to your followers and move them into your sphere of influence. You now have a platform

Yep, grasshopper it’s that simple. People overcomplicate this soooo much! Instead of looking for articles on how to grow an Instagram account, just do the above. You literally cannot screw it up, so just start.

The one thing you may have to do is kickstart the party.

Click here for my gift to help you do that.

Getting your first few hundred followers can be a bit tough, but you can hack your way to it.

Once you control the attention of the platform you just built, you can leverage it however you want to improve your career.

I wanted to personally help everyone I could but with a busy life on set, I didn’t have much time to spare.

Long story short, I could only help a handful of actors at a time, but they all they all got amazing results! Every last one of them increased their industry cred and ultimately landed steady work.

That’s when the idea for Boost My Star was born.

It is the only system that will drive real organic followers to your IMDb profile day in and day out. This will light your ranking on fire, showing the industry that you have a big fanbase.

Ultimately, this means more gigs for you!

Look, it is no longer a secret that actors with large built in fanbases make projects much more profitable. This is why it is getting increasingly harder to break into the industry if you don’t make a real effort to become well known across platforms like IMDb and on social media.

And the sooner you start to put a real effort into it, the sooner you can start to see results like these:

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It’s simply my gift to you.

Unfortunately, I can’t give this away for free forever, and once I hit the threshold of people that we can let in free, I’ll have to take the links down.

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If you’re on the fence about getting the Boost My Star system for Free, you might be thinking “I’m an actor not an Instagrammer.”

The good news is: you don’t have to be. You just have to build a platform that you can leverage.

But you have to decide what’s important to you. Do you want to be an actor or a working actor?

Remember that the industry is a business. Being a working actor means you have to bring value to the table beyond just your talent. You are probably “better” than most actors for your role type, but that doesn’t translate into production profits.

Your platform does...

That’s why I decided to give you the best gift I could think of. Free access to the exact system that builds your platform for you, while you focus on more important stuff (like nailing those auditions).

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See you at the top,

P.S. Remember that breaking intel I promised??? Let’s keep it between us... It seems that Facebook is in talks to buy CNN! Care to guess why It’s already set up as a network with content distribution and viewership that Facebook can revive and leverage as it dives headfirst into the new Hollywood.

If you’re thinking that a news network isn’t exactly a part of the industry. Consider that within the last 6 months, their programming has become less news, more scripted (btw that’s not a “fake news” joke, I literally mean they’re moving to add more scripted shows to their schedule).

Remember when I mentioned that the social media companies would likely start buying the studios in the near future? Well, here’s the first sign of that happening. I’ll keep you posted on this. If you wait until the main stream media has been gobbled up, you’ll be too late to the party.

So start building your platform now, while you’re still an early mover. Click here to get started for free