“It’s a Wrap”…Parting Gift Enclosed

Dear grasshopper, 

How many of your friends did you hear say “Woo! 2017 is going to be my year!!!” at the stroke of midnight Jan 1st? 

Of those friends, how many of them did anything different come January 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 

Are they still in mostly the same place as they were a year ago? 

I bet they are. 

You know that I’m actively working towards brevity these days and so I’ll just get right to it. 

The reason they’re still there, and haven’t made any significant improvements is that there was no ramp up. They checked out around Thanksgiving (some even around Halloween) and justified that by saying that the rest of the industry was checked out too. 

They may have had great intentions going into the new year but without new habits, they simply fell back into the same old routine of audition, beg, repeat. 

Not you grasshopper, not anymore! 

If you want the new year to bring you new career highs, then you have to get out of the mentality of doing what everyone else does. When they check out, guess what…that means you now have 0 competition. 

So instead of going on an extended vacation this year, go to work. Get out of your chair and do something everyday that will move you closer to the career you want. 

It’s the perfect time of year to send out those Demonstration of Power Packs, after all. 

Look, I realize this is not going to be the most popular message ever, but you know that I have no BS filter in me. I couldn’t sugarcoat this if I tried. 

If you want to be at the top of the industry you have to do what others are unwilling to do. 

And I want to help you out with that. In case you missed it in the email, you can click here and enter the code 2017OVER to get 2 weeks of service FREE!

No strings, no catch. 

Here’s why, just because you have to do something that moves you closer to your career goals, that doesn’t mean you have to do something hard. 

In fact, what high performing people do is a process called RTR. That stands for Reducing To (the) Ridiculous. They break down a goal to the smallest possible action they can take now. 

For example, if you wanted to land a speaking role in a studio feature next year, then you break it down to thing that is so ridiculously small that you can’t-not do it. Make sense? 

This could be something like: Monologuing in front of a mirror. That boosts, your audition skills which in turn, increases your chances of booking, so on and so forth. Actually, even smaller than that would be to pick up a copy of Variety and looking into what films are moving into production. 

Do this and then move up the chain until you get to that speaking role in a studio feature. 

I like to take this a step further and reduce things to the ridiculous and then automate the process. This makes things totally hands off and impossible not to accomplish. 

That’s why I’m giving you 2 free weeks of service here.

Simply choose whichever level of service you want to try out and use the promo code 2017OVER to get your 2 weeks of service free. 

See, when you do something like this you will be increasing your social media following everyday and boosting your IMDb STARmeter which are both huge in casting decisions. 

They are the benchmarks that measure your industry credibility and marketability, so you can no longer afford to be lacking in either one of those areas. 

If you do this one exercise every day, RTR, and really follow through with it, you will find yourself farther along by the end of this month than your actor friends will get all next year. 

Everybody in your circle will start to look at you and the progress you’ve made in your career and wonder what happened. They will want a double shot of whatever you’re having! 

The fact is that if you want to make progress in your career and not just wander aimlessly through another year, then you have to use this time to set yourself up to dominate 2018. Stop and enjoy the holidays of course, but do what you need to do first. 

Establish a new pattern and do something new. Even just one action, if it’s the right one, will make all the difference. 

So, did you accomplish all that you hoped for this year? What do you want out of the new year? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email. 

As we get closer and closer to calling this year a wrap, I’m deeply moved and excited by what we have helped your fellow tribe members accomplish and I’m filled with hope of what will come. 

I can’t wait until you pop into my inbox with your own story of success. 

See you at the top, 


P.S. Here’s the full link to claim your 2 FREE weeks of Boost My Star boostmystar.com/#pricing-section. Just remember to use the code 2017OVER