The Ultimate Guide To Neverending Work

I’m sure you have known actors that spend more time talking about being an actor, than they spend actually acting. 

You have probably known other actors that just can’t seem to take a break from acting and are always on set. 

Why do some actors keep a full calendar while others barely scrape by? 

The ones that stay busy have figured out the secret to never ending work and you are about to get it too… 

About Your Castability Index…

Grasshopper, what we’re talking about today could kill your career before it even has a chance to get off the ground… 

It could also be the thing that launches your career to levels you never imagined were possible. 

The topic of today’s special report has been around a long time but most of the industry is still unaware of it. There have been rumors but nothing has been verified publicly. 

You won’t hear about this from the union, or even from your agent (that has your best interest at heart). 

Here’s why. 

I’ve thought long and hard about how to say this tactfully, but I can’t think of a way so I’ll just come out and say it… 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Verified on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Grasshopper, I went through a lot to get this information for you. I called in favors and shook every tree to find someone who could give me the real scoop. 

There is so much misinformation out there about what it takes to get verified and I didn’t want to mislead you. Moreover, the “guidelines” that have been made public, are so vague and subjective that I wanted to find someone to clarify things. 

Not a day goes by, that I don’t get at least a couple of emails asking me about how to get verified on social media. 

Before we get into what you need to get verified, let’s go over what you don’t need… 

You do not need millions of followers. 

You do not need to be a world famous public figure. 

You do not need tons of cash to bribe someone on the inside to get you verified. 

This is all you need… 

“Your Reel Sucks!”

“Can I have a few more copies of your reel?” 

That’s what my acting coach said to me after reviewing my first reel. 

When I came into the industry I knew that I needed a reel, but I didn’t have anything to put one together. 

It wasn’t until about a year later that I finally had a few scenes under my belt and had a friend help me put one together. 

Sound familiar?... 

Of course, I excitedly ran out to my car and grabbed another handful of copies. 

The entire time I was thinking about all of the people he might be giving my reel to and what that would mean for my career. I was envisioning Tarantino and Michael Bay being moved to tears by my masterpiece. 

When I handed my coach the copies, I felt like I had just #MadeIt. 

Here’s what he said… 

How To Master The Self Taped Audition

If you haven’t been asked to submit a self taped audition yet Grasshopper, chances are you will be soon enough. 

It’s the way the industry is going. 

Last week, I told you about a new digital wave that is hitting the industry that almost no one saw coming. 

Today we are going to talk about a different digital wave that hit a long time ago but that most actors simply ignored (to their detriment). 

It’s the self taped audition. 

Around the time that YouTube went mainstream, a lot of video contests came around. Fans of shows were being asked to submit their own skits for what would happen on next week’s episode, bands solicited fan made music videos and ran contests, and all kinds of stuff came about. 

That’s when the casting offices realized how they could make the audition process much more efficient by asking actors to do the same. 

That is how the era of self taping came to be. 

With all of its inherent flaws, self taping is not going anywhere and if you are serious about making it in the industry, you have to master the self taped audition. 

There is a formula to this and if you get it right, the sky is the limit. 

Get it wrong, and your natural talent will simply not shine through and your career progress could be incredibly hindered. 

Without further ado, this is how you master the self taped audition… 

Did You Notice?

Future proves past, or as Shakespeare would say “What is past is prologue.” 

Major industry moves have happened all year Grasshopper. If you haven’t yet noticed how different the industry is from just this time last year, pinch yourself! Look around. What did you miss? 

I’ve attempted to connect the dots on several key issues that affect your acting career, and one of the biggest ones has come to fruition just as I said it would. 

In fact, the splash was even bigger than I thought it would be. Over the last few months, I have received emails from a few of you that paid attention to this and have since made big moves. 

Here’s what’s going on and what it has to do with your career. 

Getting “The Call”

They say you never forget your first time but the second time is even more memorable. 

Once is a fluke and you kind of get that feeling. Twice, is the start of something! 

So much changes when you get that call, inviting you to read. 

Usually it’s for a project you didn’t even know existed. 

Making this happen for your career is crucial, yet 99 actors out 100 don’t know how to do it. The process is simple, and once you figure it out, you can repeat it over and over again. 

Before we go on, I’m not talking about just any old kind of reading…