Important Industry Changes

The only constant that exists in life over the long term is change. The industry is not different. It has traditionally been an industry of slow and gradual change, but that’s no longer true. 

The Entertainment industry is by standards, on it’s proverbial deathbed…at least in the old model, but what’s alarming is that almost everyone is still acting as if the old model still rules the industry. 

The industry isn’t just changing. It has already changed and those that haven’t embraced the new model fully are quickly being left behind. 

That begs the question: what is the new industry model and how do we as actors fit into it so that we can build rewarding careers. 

How to Stake Your Claim in The Modern Hollywood Gold Rush

Levi Strauss, the guy behind the popularization of blue jeans, became one of the wealthiest people in the world during the great American gold rush. 

However, he never discovered a single nugget of gold. More on this in a bit, because it’s incredibly important to your acting career. 

There’s a second great gold rush underway right now, except that this one is taking place in the entertainment industry and it has nothing to do with shiny metal. Yet, there are some incredible similarities between this gold rush (involving actors) and the original one. 

During this first gold rush, everyone with a dream and a few bucks in their pocket headed west in the hopes of striking it rich. 

With a pick axe and a shovel, they went to work, drilling holes and trenches across what we now know as the Hollywood Hills, among other places. 

Most found that prospecting for gold was not an easy way to strike it rich and soon quit, broke and with broken dreams. A few of them however, made it big time! 

They were not the ones swinging a pick axe. They were the ones selling those pick axes, shovels, wheel barrels and everything else the prospectors needed to dig for gold. 

The same thing is happening in the new Hollywood gold rush. This time around it’s us actors that are the prospectors. 

Here’s how you can make it big time, as actor in the modern gold rush…

Simple Formula for Making it In The Industry in 2019

WARNING! What you are about to read is incredibly powerful yet so deceptively simple. There are more than one “head slappers” contained in this special report, so you might want to ready the aspirin. 

In all seriousness, I admire you. Chances are we’ve never shaken hands but I know a thing or two about you already. 

I know that you are an actor that is interested in becoming a full time actor that touches the lives of many through your performances. 

When you really think about it, we don’t get a fair shake much of the time. Those outside of the industry often look at us as going after fame and fortune out of sheer selfishness. While there are a few bad apples in every bunch, I have found actors to be quite the opposite. 

At least the most successful ones are. 

They work hard not just to buy a beach house or summer in the Hamptons, they are driven by much deeper things than that. See, when you establish yourself in the entertainment industry, the entire world opens up to you. 

You have the ear of politicians and lawmakers, access to the best medical care, you can get the inside scoop on the latest medical research to help those who can’t get access otherwise, and you can even help yourself and causes you care about financially simply by having access. 

When was the last time you think Warren Buffet passed on a chance to lunch with Leo? 

Because there is so much good to be done in the world, specifically by actors and entertainment industry professionals, I think it’s extremely important to help as many of you succeed as possible. 

Personally, it’s what keeps me going some days. 

Before I get to the nuts and bolts of how you are going to leave your mark on the industry, I have to ask you a question… 

How To Increase Your Callback and Booking Ratio

A watched pot never boils, right? 

Does a phone waiting for a callback ever ring? 

Waiting to hear about the outcome of an audition is nervewracking, but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Professional actors are reported to have some of the highest levels of anxiety (per capita) and many of them attribute this to the uncertainty of the industry. 

Think about it. On a daily basis how much are you really sure of? 

We are faced with things like not knowing when our next role (and next paycheck) will come around, whether the auditions we went on went as well as we thought they did, whether the projects we committed to will end up getting funded and go into production, and so much more. 

What if you could take almost all of the uncertainty out of the equation? See just about everything hinges on getting some predictability on one thing: the outcome of your auditions. 

If you can generate enough auditions (more on that in a bit), turn a good portion of those into bookings and repeat that over and over again you become a full time a working actor in no time. 

Here’s how…

About This Pilot Season…

It never fails, every year towards the end of January I start to get emails from actors in a near panic about the upcoming pilot season that they don’t have anything booked yet. 

It’s kind of a ritual in the industry to spend the month, getting rid of the holiday weight, redoing headshots, updating your reel, brushing up on your acting skills by loading up on classes, and everything else that goes into making your acting career a success. 

Time and time again, I hear from actors that spend tons of time, money, and energy getting ready for a pilot season that, for them, never really happens. 

See, having an extra audition or two does not a pilot season make. It’s something that you should be looking to do always. 

Sure the nature of pilot season has changed some over the years, but so has everything else. The fact is that it remains a time when there is more work to be booked than any other time of year. So, if you want to make this pilot season the one that you look back on as being the turning point for your career, focus on these 3 things… 

The No Holds Barred Guide to Becoming a YouTube Sensation and How To Turn It Into Mainstream Acting Work

It never ceases to amaze me how things come full circle. 

Just a couple of years ago, telling someone you had a YouTube show would yield a polite head nod, maybe an “oh cool” and not much more. 

Today, being a YouTuber puts you in pretty good company. You’re sharing a platform with Academy Award and Golden Globe nominees! 

Going from the silver screen to a YouTube channel would have raised many eyebrows and people around town would have “started talking” just a couple of years ago. 

Today however, there is an entire section in the William Morris (WME) Handbook about how to leverage YouTube for their clients. 

If you want the inside scoop on what’s on those pages read on so you too can Become a YouTube Sensation and Turn It Into Mainstream Acting Work. 

It’s simple. Here’s how…

PART 2: The Ultimate Guide to Making 2019 Your Year to Shine

One week down and only 51 to go in 2019. Honestly, I forget who it was that I first heard this from but it stuck with me. “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year but they underestimate what they can do in 10.” 

I don’t fully agree with that. Because I’ve seen it happen time and time again, I truly believe that you are always only one audition or one booking away from your wildest dreams coming true. 

2019 is already well under way and most of us are back at it, well rested after the holidays. This could be your year to shine, if you play your cards right and follow a step by step plan to get your big break and finally succeed in the industry to the level you know you deserve. 

You know I’m always here to help in everyway I can. Here’s how… 

The Ultimate Guide to Making 2019 Your Year to Shine!

Alas, another year bites the dust. I am reminded of a new year’s resolution I made this time last year that I’ve since strayed from: brevity! I resolved to keep things brief and get right to the point. 

So, reigniting that resolution, let’s get right into it with a hard question. 

How did 2018 measure up? In other words, how did your career progress compare to your goals? Think about it honestly for a few moments. 

Did you make the kind of progress you wanted to make? Did your progress match your goals, or did you fall insanely short of where you thought you should be at this point in your life? 

One of my mentors constantly reminds me that “next year you will be another year older…” and he usually leaves it open ended like that for my mind to fill in the blanks. This made me realize a long time ago that we can’t approach a new year (or even a new day) with expectations of doing better, without a solid plan in place. 

What I love about ending the year and starting a new one is that I get to measure the progress that our community made through the year and share with you the most powerful strategies of 2018. Check out the one that tops the list here.

If you’ve been with us for the entire year then, you have been exposed to dozens of career changing strategies through the year. Every one of them was carefully vetted and proven to be powerful. 

This special report is the distillation of that, and combined with what I’m going to bribe you with, is about as close to success in pill form as you can get. 

Without further ado, this is The Ultimate Guide to Making 2019 Your Year To Shine!