Worst Audition Ever!

Listen to your Spidey senses grasshopper! 

Have you ever had that feeling? You know the kind you get when a black cat jumps in front of you while you’re on a jog, or the one you get when you realize it’s a full moon on Friday the 13th at 3 a.m. 

The worst thing that ever happened to me as an actor, started with a day that was chocked full of those feelings. 

The entire day was a comedy of errors and an all around cluster… 


Grasshopper we’re going back to basics…

Except we’re doing it Boost My Star Style and going deep on stuff that no one else talks about.

I tend to stay away from “basic” topics like getting ready for pilot season because there is so much content about it that it tends to fall on deaf ears.

However, I had a few questions about this recently from actors that “couldn’t find anything about it anywhere.”

So, I spent some time browsing and Googling trying to find some real advice on this (just as you might have been doing) and I found nothing!

Let me rephrase that. I found nothing of value!

It was all regurgitated platitudes as if everyone read a stale article in Variety and decided to reword it. Everywhere I looked it was more “get in touch with your agent and figure out a plan, be sure your skills are at their best…”

If you’re not already doing that on a daily basis, you probably fall into the “actor” category we often joke about around here.

Take a deep breath and get ready for what no one will tell you about pilot season…

The Way of The Eagles

The dawn of a new year is upon us, dear grasshopper. 

Last week I told you about something that one of my mentors says pretty often: 

“Next year you will be another year older. What will be different?” 

This year, I want you to start the year with that in mind, because by the time 2018 is over it will be too late. 

You have to start off right to finish strong. 

Lupe Fiasco says “I’m forward looking. While you’re thinking Valentines, I’m thinking Christmas Trees.” If you want to capitalize on opportunities, you have to see them coming. Look at it this way… 

Have you ever seen an eagle catch a fish? If you haven’t, stop reading and YouTube it, and you will notice something crazy… 

Holiday Special Report

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

For the last several years, my “holiday tradition” has consisted of binging on trashy TV. 

By the way that’s more a term of endearment than it is derogatory. Obviously, I think the shows have merit, or I wouldn’t spend days on end watching them. In fact, the story arc is absolutely incredible on most of these shows, and they have cliffhangers down to a science. 

Anyway, it wasn’t very long after I started my annual binge that I noticed the trend that is going to hit the industry really soon. It’s actually already underway and still concentrated at the very top levels, but it’s about to go mainstream. 

Here’s where you come in… 


Dear Grasshopper, 

I got an email the other day from someone asking what it meant and why I keep referring to you guys as grasshopper. LOL 

In case you didn’t know it’s a reference from a really old Kung Fu movie. “Patience young grasshopper…” You may have heard it a time or two and had no idea what it meant. 

That’s kind of how it sometimes goes in the industry too: we succeed and don’t really know the origin or formula for that success. We see other actors succeed and don’t truly know what got them that level of success. 

This release grasshopper, is what I wish someone had written for me when I got started. It breaks down the chief principles of success, specifically as it relates to being an actor. 

Traditionally, I love, love, LOVE the dramatics!...but I’m turning over a new leaf, towards brevity these days so let’s dive right in. 

“It’s a Wrap”…Parting Gift Enclosed

Dear grasshopper, 

How many of your friends did you hear say “Woo! 2017 is going to be my year!!!” at the stroke of midnight Jan 1st? 

Of those friends, how many of them did anything different come January 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 

Are they still in mostly the same place as they were a year ago? 

I bet they are. 

You know that I’m actively working towards brevity these days and so I’ll just get right to it.

Internet Fame > No Fame

Her last short film drew more attention than all but about a half dozen major studio films released this year. She’s an actress, a comedian, a writer and producer, and basically an all around bad ass chick. 

One of her films was partially produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, through their production company. 

Anna Akana is the superstar in the making that you’ve probably never heard of. 

Here’s what will sting for some of you…you have probably been acting much, much longer than she has. She first started in comedy at the age of 19 (she’s 28 as of the time of this writing) and later decided to go the acting route. 

That’s one of the twisted things about this industry…