Actor or Starving Actor?

If you are tired of living the stereotype of a starving actor...

If you constantly have to shuffle your work schedule to make it to an audition, or worse, if you you sometimes have to choose between auditions or work...

Then this whole “acting” thing probably isn’t turning out the way you hoped for.

Did you know that the IRS classifies you and your career as a business?

It’s why you can deduct headshots, mileage to and from auditions, and all the expenses that come with being an actor.*

Here’s a head slapper: If you are a business...isn’t it about time that you started acting like one? I’ll explain. Do you know the number 1 reason that businesses fail?

Lack of revenue. Without adequate cash flow businesses can’t keep up with payroll, rent, inventory costs, etc. Sound familiar?

Stay with me, you will see in just a second exactly how this ties into your career as an actor.

Did you know that companies that are backed by outside investors, instead of being bootstrapped, succeed at a whopping 5X higher rate than businesses that do not have outside investors?

The reason is quite simple. The businesses that are sitting on piles of cash can afford to do things like test out new products, hire more people to drive growth, and most importantly they can afford to make mistakes.

Think about it this way as an actor...

How would you handle your career differently if instead of having to worry about punching a time clock, you could focus 100% on your career. If you could spend all day honing your craft, marketing yourself, and going on auditions without every having to worry about the lights getting cut off, wouldn’t that be like a dream come true?

Well my dear grasshopper, because you are a member of my tribe I’m going to grant you exclusive access to the Actor’s Revenue Rescue Formula where I’m going to show you step by step how to go from a place of zero revenue as an actor to 100K from acting.

Look, if you’re serious about making it in the industry then keep an eye out for my next email. It will basically give a 500% better chance at making it in this business.

Talk soon,

P.S. Not only am I going to give you the 100K actor’s formula, I’m also going to break it down into a simple and easy to follow formula. By the way the formula has been used by people like Emily Blunt, Rashida Jones, and Lady Gaga. I’ll be taking you through it step by step so get ready.