Getting “The Call”

They say you never forget your first time but the second time is even more memorable. 

Once is a fluke and you kind of get that feeling. Twice, is the start of something! 

So much changes when you get that call, inviting you to read. 

Usually it’s for a project you didn’t even know existed. 

Making this happen for your career is crucial, yet 99 actors out 100 don’t know how to do it. The process is simple, and once you figure it out, you can repeat it over and over again. 

Before we go on, I’m not talking about just any old kind of reading… 

What Casting Directors Want From You: The Cheryl Sequel

My inbox has been completely flooded over the last week with tons of emails about my sit down with Cheryl. 

I was planning an extended series, down the road, because she revealed so much info. In light of your overwhelming requests, I decided to do a sequel quite a bit sooner than planned. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid note taker. While sitting down with Cheryl for about an hour and a half, I filled an entire notebook. 

There’s so much to sort through, that I haven’t even reviewed everything but I wanted to bring you what I thought was most important. 

See, Cheryl revealed one priceless piece of information after another, so it was incredibly difficult to keep up. 

Here is what she said about what Casting Directors want to see from you right now… 

What Casting Director’s Want From You

Do you gamble Grasshopper? What if you could go to the casino and have the dealer tell you exactly which cards to play to beat the house? 

Would you do it then? 

With that kind of insider info, it wouldn’t really be a gamble anymore. 

A few days ago, I sat down with someone who has this kind of access to the industry and she is here to tell us which cards to play. 

Something that not a lot of actors realize is that the industry is changing right before our eyes. It is an incredible time to be an actor. For the first time ever there is a shortage of talent available! 

If that comes as a shock to you, then this just might be the most important thing you read all year, if not ever. 

Let’s talk about Ent y once and for all

There is so much hearsay in the industry. Honestly, it’s gotten out of control, but that’s the nature of the biz. 

The question is not why this happens. Rather, the question is why it matters. 

There’s something that I see almost every actor doing and part of my mission is to keep you from doing this too, because it’s a big mistake that will stall your career or worse. 

So, I hate that I have to cover this but I feel that it’s important to. 

Without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain and talk about Ent y… 

Insider’s Access and How To Get It

Hollywood is all about access. How far you go in the industry will largely be determined by the people and the resources you have access to. 

Unfortunately, this business is not a complete meritocracy. 

Some actors choose to complain about this and sulk when they are passed over for a role by someone who had the right contacts. 

Others choose to adapt to the way the industry works rather than fighting against it. After all, this is a people business, just like anything else. 

What follows is the tale of one of the busiest actors around and the way she got into the industry. I’m sharing every detail with you so that you can do the same and force the industry to take you seriously already. 

How To Get A Gig Fast

I remember a particular time when I first got in the industry. I was “in between agents.” That’s code for: my agent dropped me because I couldn’t afford to get a new batch of headshots printed. 

I was going through a particularly long dry spell and I hadn’t booked a gig in months. Desperate didn’t even begin to describe what it felt like. 

After a while, all kinds of negative things start to go through your mind. 

“Why did I ever think I could be a professional actor? Should I pack it up and go home? Will anyone even hire me again after not working for so long?” 

The best time to find your next role, is when you have just landed one. Some of this is the market factor: you’re in demand all of a sudden. Part of it is psychological: you have nothing to lose because you already have a gig anyway. 

But what if you don’t even have an idea of where your next gig will come from. What if you have no one to turn to for help and no network to tap for audition leads? 

How To Succeed As an Actor

Do you know what Facebook, Apple, Ford, and Google have to do with your acting career? 

It’s simple really, but incredibly powerful. 

These are some of the biggest companies in the world. They all achieved success the same way and it’s the way that you should approach your acting career, if you want to make meaningful progress towards your goals. 

You may have heard about this if you are pursuing day-job-type of goals along with your acting career, but almost no one connects this to acting. 

Here’s why…